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Acupuncture is an ancient technique with modern application. In Acupuncture, a sterile one-time use needle is inserted in a specific anatomical place in your body as the method to activate an acupuncture point. The gentle insertion of the needle into your body will make contact with you own Qi, also known as life force/vitality, and will stimulate the free flow of energy to bring balance to your body. Acupuncture stimulates one or more of our immune systems, which can increase the rate of healing response. Acupuncture can help with acute and chronic pain, digestive issue, fertility issues, weight management and many more health concerns.

Afraid of needles? Don’t worry acupuncture needles are thinner than one single strand of your hair! Acupuncture needles are nothing close to the size of a conventional needle. In fact, 40 acupuncture needles can fit in 1 conventional hospital needle!